Words that dance and echoes
that enhance lucid flows..

Blink and you will miss it,
think! a new composite..

No one knows, but it’s strange
how it grows, rearranged.

Words that dance and echoes
that enhance lucid flows.

Deranged they could well be
but one day you might see

words that dance and echoes
that enhance lucid flows


If you remember to forget how to forget, then you can forget to remind yourself.

If you forget then you might still have an altered perspective.

But if you forget to remember how to remember then you may as well remember to forget about it.

Short of time

Ask yourself this every day..
what have you learned new today?
what have you learned this week?
Is there truth which you seek?

Nothing wrong with ambition,
or respect for tradition.
Why not try to do more?
Isn’t that what time’s for?

Feeling alive now,
but forgetting how
time flies by fast
seems nothing lasts

have no clue
what to do
just hope
to cope

through truth


‘Nothing’ is hidden away inside itself, waiting to be discovered or unwrapped.

‘Nothing’ is the great ineffable unheard of unknown, a self perpetuating origin that is everywhere at all times.  An enigmatic anomaly, ever present under scrutiny.

Chin up Mucka

A poem carries meaning from the author to who knows?
The reader keeps on reading to find out the way it goes..
When the reader’s done, the author’s message in their mind,
they have had some fun or found a reason to unwind.

What the author’s made, selecting words to make it rhyme
is not designed to fade from memory even over time.
If you’re feeling sad or lonely contemplate a while.
It’s not all that bad if you remember how to smile.